Sharon Jones: "Amy Winehouse Ain't Got Nothin' On Me"

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings performed at the Black Cat in D.C. last night, and Wonkette videographer Eric Brewer spoke with Ms. Jones in this exclusive interview. The two talked about Sharon's career, like why the hell it took so long for her to finally get some recognition, (Jones says that record executives told her she was "too black"), and if she has any hard feelings about the fact that Amy Winehouse employs the Dap Kings as her backup band, and was the one who got famous off of the sound that Jones created. Although she definitely seems to have some bitterness, Jones says that ultimately, it doesn't matter because "if it took Amy and Mark Ronson to have us be heard in the mainstream, that's good. There's nothing negative between me and Amy. I just wish she'd get herself together and get back to the music."

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@erinlynne: I think you're right that age has a lot to do with it. Sharon is short, middle-aged and black — she's not going to have pop producers lining up to make her a star.

bowlingfordollars: Amy isn't to credit for Sharon's recent increase in fame; her constant touring is. She's been touring smaller markets (like mine of 750,000 people) and building her fan base from the ground up. Sure, here on Jezebel she's only discussed in relation to Amy but Sharon's been touring and recording hardcore and that's what's paying off now. People who see her live are made fans for life; she and her band were major buzzmakers at SXSW this year, and that's on the strength of their work, not comparisons with Amy.

(Make no mistake, I admire Amy's music, too. But I do listen to Sharon more.)