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Shark Dies After It Was Plopped in L.A. Pool for Kmart Commercial

Illustration for article titled Shark Dies After It Was Plopped in L.A. Pool for Kmart Commercial

Lord knows what kind of Kmart commercial would need to place an actual white tip shark into a 60,000 gallon pool in Van Nuys, California, but regardless of how cool the storyboard was, it wasn't worth it.


Shortly after its transportation—which was overseen by the American Humane Association to ensure the animal's safety—the shark began showing signs of distress.

"We honestly don't know why the animal died. It was not being mistreated. It was not being harmed," a rep from AHA has responded. Alas, the team over there seems to be doing a lackluster job these days: from HBO's ill-fated betting track show Luck to The Hobbit, animals on film and TV sets are being mistreated, ill-cared-for and placed in dangerous environments.


PETA's already on the case. "Sharks are sensitive animals who, in captivity, require a highly specialized and controlled environment. Given the delicate nature of this species, why would the AHA approve the transport and use of this animal?"

Moreover, not to state the totally obvious here, but if Spielberg could use a fake shark in Jaws, I think it would have been good enough for Kmart.

'Kmart Shark Dies After Being Placed Into L.A. Pool For Commercial' [HuffPo]

Photo via Paul Vinten/Shutterstock

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So... a fish died? Not even a pretty fish. When I was a little kid, my sister had a bunch of friends over for a party. One of them scooped up my pet fish Big Eyes, put him in a glass, and swallowed him. That was infinitely more tragic than this. White tips are notorious for devouring shipwreck survivors. Big Eyes was my consolation for not having a puppy!

On my 21st birthday, I ran into Big Eyes' killer at a bar. I demanded satisfaction; he bought me a beer.