Former Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll—who left the church amid allegations of bullying, verbal abuse and financial impropriety, and who is currently being sued by former church members—is launching a new church on Easter Sunday. Nothing more Christlike than a good comeback.

The lawsuit against Driscoll accuses him of improperly diverting church funds to promote his unsuccessful marriage advice book. A whopping 21 former Mars Hill pastors said in 2014 that he “verbally assaulted” former church members and created a culture of fear and intimidation.


Driscoll and his family left Seattle and re-settled in Phoenix; they soon announced plans to found The Trinity Church. Religion News Service reports Trinity will be launched on March 27, Easter Sunday.

Driscoll’s bio doesn’t mention the Mars Hill chapter in his life; his new sign-off on Trinity’s website is “A Nobody Trying to Tell Everybody About Somebody.”

Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace. Screengrab via YouTube/Anthony Gillespey