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Recent revelations of marital infidelities by the likes of Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, etc. have clearly fueled the mainstream media's crusade against Shaha Ali Riza, the feminist, Muslim World Bank staffer with whom World Bank president, Iraq War architect (and general evildoer) Paul Wolfowitz has been knockin' boots for the past few years. Apparently Riza makes more in her post than Secretary of State Condi Rice does, an income disparity that is the result of a series of completely inappropriate raises fast-tracked at the hands of Wolfie, to the point that she now makes $193,000 a year. We'd be really shocked and outraged about this if Riza looked anything like the sort of big-haired, 80s-centerfold types Republicans are generally fond of screwing, like Callista Gingrich or the above pictured Jessica Hahn and Paula Parkinson. But, uh, from the looks of it, Riza is clearly competent at something. (Whether that 'something' is devising loan packages that will keep Third World regimes beholden to the interests of Bechtel, Halliburton and other significant campaign contributors — or just good old bondage play — we'd rather not know.)

Wolfowitz Pays Arab Gal $200,000 A Year To Fuck Him [Wonkette]

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