Shades of Blue Allegedly Experienced Real Shootout on Set

Screenshot via NBC.
Screenshot via NBC.

The Jennifer Lopez vehicle Shades of Blue, a show about an NYPD officer forced to work for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force, has been filming in Brooklyn. On Wednesday night, the wall between fiction and reality thinned.

Deadline reports that the set was invaded by men with real guns late in the day. The cast and crew, set up in Bed-Stuy, were suddenly interrupted, and some shots were fired. Then the actual police arrived at the scene and “took control of the situation” though it’s not clear if the assailants fled or were arrested.

Apparently, Lopez had already left for the day, but guest star Kathryn Kates was in her trailer. Two production assistants supposedly banged on her door, trying to escape the chaos of the set. Everyone is safe, though shaken by the experience. There’s been no comment from the NYPD or Lopez, but this promo indicates Lopez’s character Harlee would have for sure taken control of the situation.


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Global Beet

I know next to nothing about this show, yet my “bullshit blue lives matter” meter is pinging for some reason.

Also: “There’s too much street in me for you”

Lol. Dollars to dougnuts an all white writing team came up with this tag line. Either that or J.Lo is continuing with her Jenny from the block schtick.