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Yesterday, NPR had an interview with the legendary Canadian sex expert Sue Johanson about sex ed for teenagers as well as changes in sexual appetites in the general population. Sue noted that abstinence-only educations are pointless since "every single sex educator does emphasize abstinence" and she emphasized waiting until you can plan (i.e., get birth control) sex with your partner and be comfortable with your body. She also noted that "Anybody who's old enough to ovulate, to menstruate, to be involved in a sexual relationship is old enough for effective birth control and pulling out is not a method of birth control." Sue added that that teens will always be exposed to sex (with or without their parents' or educators' influence) through music and (gasp!) women's magazines. It appears Sue has no qualms about talking about sex with young people, but what sexual act "scares" her the most? Anal sex, which she says women should be "fearful" about. [NPR]


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When asked if it wanted to be feared or loved, Anal Sex replied "I want people to fear how much they love me."