Sexy Student's Sexy Yearbook Photo Banned for Being Sexy

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A Colorado school district is embroiled in sexy, sexy scandal after a senior girl's picture was barred from the pages of its yearbook on the grounds that it depicted the dress code being violated and was therefore too sexy. She's organized a protest, asserting that she has a right to be sexy in the yearbook. If only schools banned yearbook photos for being too hilarious in 10 years.


The controversy began when Durango High School senior Sydney Spies submitted a yearbook photo that she said expressed her personality. In the photo, she's wearing a yellow skirt and a black bandeau kind of shawl top that exposes her midriff and back. Her personality sounds like it arrhythmically plays the tambourine in a Maroon 5 video, but whatever. It's her legacy.

When the yearbook advisor saw the picture, however, she decided that the picture could not be included in the yearbook on the grounds that it violates school dress code. Durango High requires students cover the entirety of their chests, backs, midriffs, and sides during the school day, you see. Fair enough. Except Sydney says that she was never told that her yearbook photo needed to adhere to school dress code, and that, in fact, there's no policy in place to govern what students can and cannot wear in the picture that will end up smushed up against the pictures of everyone else's senior quotes from The Notebook or Entourage for all of eternity.


Despite Sydney's protests, the yearbook advisor won't budge on her ruling that Sydney Spies is too sexy for the delicate virgin eyes of her classmates. (If they think pictures in the yearbook are too sexy, wait'll they see the stuff kids are posting on the facebook. Bowties will twirl!)

In response, Sydney's organized a protest and is threatening to sue the school on the grounds that they're violating her freedom of expression.

An attorney consulted by the Durango Herald says that even if the school did have a policy in place around the tolerable sexiness level of yearbook photos, Spies would still have a pretty good case; according to Colorado law, "no expression contained in a student publication, whether or not such publication is school-sponsored, shall be subject to prior restraint." The only way the school would have a right to censor her photo would be if they could establish that her over-the-shoulder pout violated obscenity laws.

It's not necessarily the photograph that I would choose to display in my high school yearbook, nor is it a photo I'd encourage my own theoretical future daughter to select, but if this is how Sydney Spies would like to be remembered, then she she should be able to go right on ahead. It's a shame, though, that teens feel as though they should display themselves like sexy consumables at such a young age. Kids, you've got the whole rest of your life to post midriff bearing shots to ModelMayhem, but only a short window where it's acceptable take a truly awkward looking professional photograph wherein you fold your arms thoughtfully over a mirrored surface next to a graduation year knickknack. Think about it.


DHS administrators say senior's yearbook photo violates dress code [Durango Herald]

Images via Facebook & PHS98's Flickr.

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water baby

Confession: I don't understand non-famous people who are vain enough to take pictures like this.

I'm in my early 20s and my Facebook newsfeed is an endless parade of girls who have clearly put hours into their appearance doing sexy poses & making sexy face. And I get it - we all like to have good pics of ourselves, that's fine! - but our society is SO OBSESSED with appearance that it makes me sick.

Am I wrong in thinking it wasn't like this even 15 years ago? I remember Seinfeld & the early days of Friends - people on TV looked like real people you might see anywhere. Now it's all straight hair, permanent tans, white teeth, perfect makeup - the beauty standard has gone up, especially for women, and I assume that's why so many girls are so focused on looking hot for pictures - but really, I can't help judging a teensy bit. When I saw the above picture all I could do was roll my eyes & wonder how this girl isn't at all embarrassed with herself for wanting to display her perfect sexy shot so badly.