Sydney Spies was on the Today show this morning, discussing the "provocative" photograph that her peers on the yearbook committee banned from being published. "I guess it is artistic," Matt Lauer allowed, "it is also not your run-of-the-mill yearbook photo." Matt asked Sydney's mother, Miki, if she thought the image was appropriate, and Miki cringed as she told Matt, "I asked her not to do it." Then she said something about her child "spreading" her wings — maybe not the best choice of words — and explained that she supports Sydney.


Sydney, who is interested in modeling (but seemed a wee bit dead in the eyes? Maybe she was jet lagged? Maybe her false lashes were dragging her eyelids down? Courtney Stodden has more sparkle…) argued that other students have sports-oriented senior pictures, or photos featuring them with guitars — so why shouldn't her photo reflect what she's interested in? To make matters worse, the school will allow Sydney to use the photo if she purchases a $300 ad. Sydney questioned: "If it's going to be in the yearbook anyway, then why should I not be able to have it as my senior picture?" Good point!

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