Sexy Bratz Dolls Get Gentle Make-Unders Courtesy of Tasmanian Artist

The hyper-sexualization of children's toys (especially Bratz Dolls) make many of us very uncomfortable. In fact, when a new Bratz movie came into the video store I worked in once, a custome legitimately asked if it was a new animated porno he could rent. So these make-unders done by a Tasmanian artist who "rescues and rehabs" these dolls and then poses them doing things that actual young girls might do, like hiding in trees and chilling on swings.


Here's what the artist says of their work:

These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated from op-shops and tip shops around Tasmania. These lil fashion dolls have opted for a "tree change", swapping high-maintenance glitz 'n' glamour for down-to-earth style. I hand repaint the dolls faces, mold new shoes, and my Mum sews and knits their clothing.

And the best part of all? There's an Etsy store coming.


Here's another before-and-after:


See the rest here. Trust me, it's worth it.

Images via Treechange Dolls


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