Sexually-Inexperienced Seal Tries To Bone Penguin • UK Reports 50% More Female Drunks

A "frustrated, sexually inexperienced" young male seal tries to have sex with a penguin.• Older Japanese singles are trying out that whole online dating thing. • A 51-year-old man admits to using voodoo to seduce teen girls. • Two women make history, win second-"highest" medical prize. • PETA asks Hollywood insiders to whistleblow on animal cruelty on sets. • The houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle is on the market for $2.5 million! • British police report the number of female drunks being arrested has gone up 50% over the past five years. • Ancient androgynous pharaoh, Akhenaten, may have had genetic mutation that made him look feminine. • Colleges are allowing coed dorm rooms. • Men's activists complain about Bad Dads ambush reality TV show.


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