Look, no one wears 4" heels cause she thinks they are good for her health! We know heels fuck with knees and backs and tendons, create hammer toes and bunions and basically cripple you for life. The problem is, for some of us, that moment when you slip on your first pair of pumps is a watershed: damn the torpedoes, there's no going back. the Daily Mail gives a very dreary rundown of all the dire consequences of our glamor - apparently they're especially awful for the developing feet of teens - but then at the end, this familiar-sounding gem: "Italian research suggests women who wear up to a 2in heel may enjoy a better sex life. That's because holding the foot at a 15-degree angle - as with a 2in heel - increases electrical activity in the pelvic muscles that play a vital role in sexual performance and satisfaction." 2"? Maybe we can cut down to that. [Daily Mail]