The latest entrant to the "Not just for men anymore" category: the exploitation of Third World economic woes for First World sexual satisfaction! (So happy to see that glass ceiling shattered!) So: old white women are descending upon the coast of Kenya, where locals estimate one in five female tourists is seeking a strapping young fuckbuddy 30 years her junior. The country is "just full of big young boys who like us older girls," says one. (Incidentally, I wanted to make a "cougar" joke, but did you know cougars are indigenous to America and they don't exist in Africa at all? I'm sure that's a piece of information you'll be able to put to use somehow.) Typically, of course, all the Kenyan men interviewed are like, "Yeah so I sleep with rich old white ladies for money, big whup." Meanwhile back in New York, women are apparently inadvertently exploiting their masseuses and manicurists, according to an in-depth report in New York Magazine, which explains that the Brazilian wax is the new "happy ending" — no manicurist wants to admit she goes "below the neck."

[Kim] also described a subtler dynamic during facials or massages, when a client is "kind of ... enjoying it. So even though I'm providing the service, I feel kind of weird and awkward." She doesn't want to shame her clients, she says. "Not to intimidate whatever personal feelings they have. I'm trying to be calm and finish my job, because this is the thing I have to do, this is what my license stands for. But in the end, I have a little bit of the bad feeling—the hangover, the leftover feeling."


So who's more exploited? And also, when did so many women start getting something waxed and/or polished and/or kneaded twice a week? It just makes the rest of us look bad.

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An Inside Look At The Spa Industry [NY Magazine]

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