"Sexist Of The Year" Tad Safran Has No Shame

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Last week, an American screenwriter named Tad Safran claimed that unlike American females, British women simply do not take care of themselves. "When British women get to the age where they have to make an effort, they appear unable, or uninterested, in rising to the challenge," he wrote for the Times of London. This week, Tad returns with another column, in which he states, quite accurately, "I'm never getting laid in Britain ever again." He explains that his article "exploded into a national furor" and the Guardian named him Sexist of the Year. But Tad has no regrets! He says that many of the comments his piece prompted were from women who pointed out that "they'd rather be frumpy with wonderful personalities than Barbie dolls with nothing between their ears." His take? "This argument is so patently absurd that I can hardly believe it."


It is not binary: you can have a personality and an arse that doesn't take up two seats on the bus. If you can retain your wonderful, cheerful, sweet, fun personality and be beautiful is that not better? Or, Anna L from Kent, is your sweet personality inextricably tied to your being a size 16... like Samson's strength is to his hair? I don't suggest that British women take the money from your education fund and put it towards plastic surgery. Nor do I suggest you take the hours per week dedicated to cultural and intellectual pursuits and use them for beauty treatments. Just take the time you dedicate to sitting on the sofa eating femur-sized Toblerones while watching EastEnders.

Tad suggests British women think that stepping up their beauty regimes would make them seem fixated on their looks. But, he counters, a "healthy interest" is not an "obsession." He also notes (in what seems a deliberate effort to offend) that women in the UK "don't have the curves of the Italians, the simmering sexuality of the Spanish, the sophistication of the French or the openness of the Scandinavians." What they do have, he points out, is the top spot on the European obesity chart. Here's a thought, Tad! Maybe women in the UK are driven to drink (and eat?) because men like you continue to connect their worth with their looks!

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@MakeMeSmile: I'll agree with you on one thing - there is a big context factor at work here. In urban areas, people dress up more and pay more attention to grooming and fashion. Cities are competitive places - competing for the attention of potential mates, competing for attention at more high-power jobs, etc. In rural areas, there are fewer people, more people are settled, so there's less cause to get your game face on.

I would assume that there are some taut, hyper-groomed, fashionable people in London as well as NYC or any other big city in the world. I would also assume that there are people swaddling their lardy behinds in sweatpants in small towns and suburbs of England as well as America. Nothing to do with national character at all, I think.