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Hey all you Scary Sadshaws! A New York travel company is offering a Sex And The City trip for the bargain price of $24,000. The four-day tour of New York (airfare not included) includes being chauffeured to Barneys and Patricia Field; dining at "chic" restaurants and clubbing. "It's a real fantasy for women," says Joanne Konstantinakos, founder of Destination on Location. (Not included is a trip to 1998, when the show was fresh and new.) And a warning! Sarah Jessica Parker herself recently noted that Manhattan is "very expensive and not what it used to be. The outer boroughs are pretty sexy. It's just a matter of time before they have their own shows." Buyer beware. [Reuters, Daily News, Gatecrasher]


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@hamburgerhotdog: Try working in Battery Park aka Libert Island Ferry and you complain to me about tourists ;-)

Though it's an improvement over my last place of employment on Hollywood Blvd... a block from Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Kodak. There is nothign more annoying than trying to alk and having people read names on a fucking sidewalk "Oh look! It's Paula Abdul!" No. It's her NAME WRITTEN ON THE SIDEALK.