Salon's Tracy Clark-Flory is wondering why a lot of sex writers are getting fired during these rough economic times. Paraphrasing the S.F. Chronicle's Violet Blue, Flory asks a bunch of sex writers, "If sex sells, why are sex writers getting the shaft?"The writers surveyed, who include the very talented Rachel Kramer Bussel and Nerve editor turned Salon employee Sarah Hepola*, had various opinions on why sex writers are getting the ax, from lack of innovation to a mainstreaming of sex writing to lack of talent to an excess of exhibitionism or all three at the same time. What they failed to mention, however, is the Carrie Bradshaw effect. Before Sex and the City, very few papers had columns exclusively devoted to the sex lives of a single (almost always young, female) writer. After Carrie Bradshaw and her minions became a cultural touchstone, I think many, many media outlets scrambled to have a Carrie to call their very own. The problem is, they weren't looking for originals, they were looking for real life facsimiles of an already sort of annoying fictional female. So, when the time came to cut some unwanted fat, these Manolo-clad also-rans were kicked to the curb.

*None of the sex writers mentioned here or in the Salon article are Carrie Bradshaw-esque at all. They are clever and talented and do not talk about expensive footwear!

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