Sex Workers Go At It On Tyra

Today, Tyra featured an issue that I've thought a lot about and haven't heard many mainstream people discuss: How different women in different aspects of the sex industry view one another. It's always seemed odd that women in such a controversial line of work would even bother to be judgmental of what the next person does, but there's a silent hierarchy that exists within the sex industry, e.g., topless models look down on girls who go bottomless, girls who go bottomless look down on girls who strip, strippers look down on porn stars, porn stars look down on hookers, etc. During the episode, Tyra had the women rank one another in order from most respectable to least respectable, and obvs, hilarity ensued. Clip above.

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Tyra has perfected fake concern layered over big helpings of leering self-righteousness.

Remember that show where under the guise of "protecting" young aspiring models, she set up a fake "Model Search" photoshoot to lure in a bunch of young girls to this apartment? Some actor playing the role of "Creepy Photographer" tried to pressure them to go topless, and most did (the girls had a black bar put over their eyes to "hide" their indentities).

Then Tyra pops out of a closet, tells these girls they've just been humiliated on TV because they are just so stupid and desperate and exploited(or more accurately, yells this at their backs as they flee the apartment in embarrassment)and acts like she's doing some public service.

Don't even get me started on the fat suit business.