In December, Yale students proposed a program for Sex Week 2012 that addressed some of the concerns about Sex Weeks past β€” including the criticism that it was too porn-focused. Now, the Sex Week organizers have let us know that the university has accepted their proposal β€” Sex Week 2012 is officially scheduled for Feb. 4-14. The keynote speaker will be Ann Olivarius, a Yale Law and School of Management grad, Rhodes Scholar, and now partner in a corporate law firm. Olivarius was also a plaintiff in Alexander v. Yale, the case that led to the establishment of a sexual harassment grievance system at Yale. That case was an inspiration for Yale students' current Title IX complaint against the university (they say the school failed to fix its sexist campus environment), so the choice of Olivarius is a pretty significant one. She'll be talking about "sexual education and discourse as a means to prevent sexual violence."