Sex, Lies & Videotape

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The next time you're hooking up with an Italian stallion, check for cameras: Secretly recording sex with your partner isn't illegal, the Italian supreme court just ruled. Some 49-year-old guy who'd taped his girlfriend without her knowledge has been acquitted. Maybe some women will be prompted to give shady boyfriends the boot? Ciao! [Reuters]

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I know Italian-bashing is all the rage these days on Jezebel, but please get your facts straight. Filming somebody while you're having sex is legal; posting or divulging the footage is NOT. No need for Jezebels to worry about having their bits exposed on the Internet after that're done banging the (non-existent) Italian Stallion they met in a pub off Piazza Navona.

Italy is indeed in a dismal cultural state, what with the current debate against abortion laws (does that ring a bell?) and the Catholic Church practically running the country, but fair's fair.