Sex and the City Really, Really Loved Name-Dropping Brands

If you were a fan of Sex and the City, one of the things you probably remember about it was the way the show regularly slipped high-end name brands like it was just no big deal. Casually mentioning your Manolo Blahnik shoes or your Givenchy was just some every day thing New Yorkers did, according to the show.

Well now some mad, wonderful genius has compiled a video to demonstrate just how much the show loved to drop brand names of types, not just designer or high end. Artist Pierre Buttin's supercut from all six seasons is even alphabetized by brand name because WHOA WAY TO BLOW MY MIND. AdAge broke down what brands got the most and least mentions:

In case you were wondering, the most uttered name was Vogue (36 times), followed closely by "martini" (34 times), though that's a questionable inclusion since it's not a brand. The humble Post-it came in at eighth place with 14 mentions, but probably left the most lasting brand impression. Because, seriously, who breaks up with someone via Post-it?


BERGER HAD COMMUNICATION ISSUES AND CARRIE WAS PUSHING HIM AND HE JUST COULDN'T HANDLE THE INTENSITY OF A COMMITMENT GEEZ. Sorry, knee-jerk reaction. It's a side effect stemming from my ill fated "Team Berger" days. Hard to let that one go.

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This brings me SO much joy. The show was flawed, of course, but I still love it. (Notice I stopped at the show, because as far as I'm concerned, the movies do not exist.)

Side note: my friend once met Ron Livingston. Randomly, she had a Post-It On her possession, so she now has one framed that says, "Amy, I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me. -Ron Livingston"

I'm still jealous.