'Sex And The City' Movie Continues To Insist On Its Own Importance

The following are outrageously precious things said by those involved in the Sex and the City movie about the Sex and the City movie:

That sort of wanton lust, it's just not at the surface of their skin anymore. What's important to me is that Carrie isn't frivolous and silly, that there is sophistication to her. She's making a serious attempt at making grown-up decisions about love and about life choices


— Sarah Jessica Parker

32-year-olds go out and get drunk and sleep with inappropriate men in bars downtown. And 42-year-old girls maybe don't. Today they're out in front of the library getting married. That would've never happened in the 32-year-old New York.

— Michael Patrick King, screenwriter and director

I missed the whole thing. I missed the fictional people. I missed the real people. I missed the crew and the day-to-day of shooting the series.


— Cynthia Nixon <<blockquote>For me the whole movie is the streets. Because that's where all the promise and potential is. That's the romance. That's the hope. That's where single women walk out the door every day, and they just don't know what is two steps away. — Sarah Jessica Parker

I sometimes get blamed for the meatpacking district, yes. And I'm sorry. But it can be nice on certain nights. And it can be awful on other nights. Like New York, you know?


— Michael Patrick King.

That is all. You may vomit a little in your mouth and return to your work now.

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