'Sex And The City': Like Your Period, It Just Keeps Coming Back

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This summer, the New York Observer has been re-running Candace Bushnell's Sex And The City columns from 1995. We've thought about asking them why, but we know they'll just say something about how "they're as relevant now as they were then" when we know the answer is really, "so we don't have to pay anyone to write something to fill the space". But now Forbes is getting in on the '90s action! For its "special report" on singles, reporter Leslie Talbot (above) brings the shocking news that single people feel they are discriminated against. Talbot says she's become inured to the social pressure to find a mate and the criticism of her single status: "I've heard it all," she writes. "Selfish? Check. Immature? Check. Emotionally unstable? Check. Too picky for my own good? Check, check, and check."


We're going to disagree, and add "paranoid" to that list, as well as "bitter" and "defensive", not because we have anything against being single, but because being single should be fun, and Talbot does not sound fun; she sounds like one of those bitter, jaded old broads that your mom swilled Chardonnay with after her divorce. "Take my word for it—a loveless marriage will sap your spirit and your sanity a lot more quickly than a lifetime of dateless Saturday nights," Talbot writes. Uh, It already sounds like you're spirit's been sapped, lady.
Stop Singlism! [Forbes]
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Annoying goddam freelancer — whole column's a plug for a crap book she thought up several years ago when this topic only had four inches of dust on it. Here are the other white-hot literary phenoms published by her imprint (Citadel):


Sounds like a complete tool (from her FAQ):

Q: Ummm…where am I? And who are YOU?

A: If you're reading this now, it means you were either forward-thinking or foolish enough to stumble onto this Web page, little knowing that I would save your IP information in my site stats so I can track your every move and spam you at some later date.

Q: Wow. That's kind of scary. I'm not sure I like that.

A: You'll think otherwise when I am a fabulously wealthy and successful author with my own radio talk show. Then you'll WISH I were paying attention to you. Only by then I'll be too famous to bother.

And hey, Leslie: Monty Burns called, he wants the lower half of his face back. (