With countdown to the release of Sex and the City: The Movie officially starting today, the cast appeared on Oprah, in front of a boozed-up, overly excited, Cosmo-swigging audience. It was almost a parody of itself. (As Sarah Jessica Parker walked onstage, one woman, martini glass in hand, was actually seen jumping up and down and mouthing, "Look at her shoes!") So what did we learn? Well, those "dream sequence" stories they were feeding the press while the movie was being shot were all a bunch of bologna. SJP had 81 costume changes. And Cynthia Nixon was "shocked" when she fell in love with her similarly-ginger girlfriend. Clip above, and after the jump, some very gay stills.

There were a lot of nauseating elements of this show, what with all the shoe analogies and shit, which is perhaps why they made everything so pink, so as to simulate a giant spoonful of Pepto Bismol.


And speaking of pink:

Dude has on a pink shirt with floral cuffs, and he's FREAKING out about SJP. I think it's safe to say that this is the gayest this guy has acted since he started having anal sex with other men.


They actually made it a point to acknowledge the other gay men in the audience as well.


None of them are nearly as fun as Pinky though.

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