Sex Advice From A Somewhat Asexual-Looking Man

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Meet Marshall Miller. He's not only a heterosexual man, he's an expert on the female orgasm. No, really, he apparently gives them to that lady next to him all the time, which is why she's his common-law wife, and the two now go from churches to colleges to companies spreading their Gospel of Clit, an oral tradition (see what we did there?) they have now compiled into a written document available on Amazon for your pleasure, I Love Female Orgasm, which we know about because it was just given a glowing review on Feministing containing the following sentence-fragment.

Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller (imagine how explosive their sex must be!) are sex educators and Brown graduates

No no no no no no no! What's worse is that the first sentence of the review was so promising:

It was the night before I had the awesome opportunity to see Barack Obama in-studio on The Daily Show. I got my The Audacity of Hope and my Obama biography and curled into bed, thinking I would read some passages and get excited about seeing the man with the otherworldly charisma the next day....


Long story short: the book reviewer ("Courtney"), gets distracted by the female orgasm book. We could relate, except for the "book" part, which may just illustrate the difference between us and Feministing, though we can, at the very least, agree that it is a grave societal issue that so many dudes our age suck at giving orgasms.

Not Oprah's Book Club: I Love Female Orgasm [Feministing]
Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot [Sexuality Education]

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@SinisterRouge: Well, you remember that one post that said people look for mates that look like themselves. Such as.

Those two remind me of the 'free spirited' hippie-chic theater kids in high school who were seriously scary and nerdy and would constantly brag about their sex lives in great detail. Anytime. All the time.