Seventeen Magazine Used to Have a Different Approach to Navajo

Interesting. Seventeen, back in the day, and a more recent iteration. The times, they are a-changing.


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In the 1970s, much of what is typically thought of as "progressive" in 2014 was pretty non-controversial and main stream. My local community college offered Women's Studies. Our state's governor supported state-funded abortion access (and it was called abortion not choice). "Our Bodies, Ourselves" was readily available to young women (and referenced in mainstream magazines and newspapers) and it discussed abortion, contraception, homosexuality/lesbianism and other issues of sexuality without judgment. Women of all political stripes frequently and proudly called themselves Feminists (not all - but many). I can only hope that someday - we're as advanced a culture in the US as we were in the 1970s (with hard won exceptions to 1970s progressivism like marriage equality. Openness about homosexuality was in its infancy).