Seventeen Gives Girls A Head Start At Controlling Their Guys

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Does your boyfriend have "puffy clown hair" or "a lazy fashion sense"? Then check out Seventeen's gallery of made-over boyfriends, guys successfully transformed into men worthy of their girlfriends' love.

Complete with punny headlines ("New 'Do, New Dude!") and gushy testimonials ("Who knew that all it would take to turn him from Ronald McDonald to Dr. McDreamy would be a haircut and a nice button-down shirt?"), the Boyfriend Makeovers gallery has all the inspiration you'll need to mold your guy, Pygmalion-style, into the person you want him to be.

As Sadie pointed out last year, guys can be less sensitive about their style, and thus more amenable to advice. But "by making a guy into someone who looks like the kind of person you should be dating, you've somehow glossed over the realities of tastes, personality, even values." Do we really want to be encouraging thirteen-year-olds (who, let's be honest, are the market for Seventeen) to be the arbiters of their boyfriends' mode of dress? If girls start dressing you when you're a teenager, how are you ever going to have your own style? And more disturbingly, aren't you going to grow up thinking women are the kind of meddling shrews we see on TV commercials? Girls, let your boyfriends keep their clown hair! It will make both of you better people in the long run.


Boyfriend Makeovers [Seventeen]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I may suggest movies for Boyfriend to watch, request his presence at museum exhibits, invite him with me to New Pornographers concerts, cook for him, clean his apartment, tell him what to read, and wipe his ass, but I DRAW THE LINE at picking out shirts.