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There's a short piece about something called Modeling Camp NYC in the new issue of The New Yorker, and writer Rebecca Mead reveals six interesting facts:

  • 12-year-old Luciana, the youngest camper, was also the shortest: "I'm five-four," she said, then reconsidered. "I mean, four-five. I always get that mixed up."
  • Instead of archery, scavenger hunts or sack races, Modeling Camp activities include "runway walking, makeup application, and camera engagement."
  • Heather Cole, the camp's founder, a former model from Surrey, England says: "It's modeling camp, not modeling school. To me, this camp is about life skills, and just walking away with confidence."
  • When asked what she'd learned, fourteen-year-old Amanda said: "You've got to go bam! when you come out." As she said this, she was "planting a hand on one hip and jutting it out dramatically."
  • Most of the camp activities took place in a hotel conference room.
  • "The girls did get outside every day; they walked a block to get lunch at a pizzeria on Second Avenue."

And here's a fact not in the story: Four days in New York City costs $999. That includes activities, a photo shoot, a portfolio, lunch and a T-shirt. But, you know, life skills.

WORK! [The New Yorker]

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