Seth Rogen stopped by Snoop's Double G News Network (GGN) where the two guys got super stoned and taught each other some things about life. Seth instructed Snoop on how to roll a cross joint, while Snoop explained the origin of the word "chronic" to Seth.

"You creative as a motherfucker," Snoop told Seth, after Seth showed him how to roll a perfect cross joint, which the actor made famous in Pineapple Express. "I call this shit Seth-to-death," Snoop added, "Because when you hit this shit, you damn near die."


Snoop revealed that the first time he ever had really strong weed that got him really fucked up was in 1991.

"White boy came, he had some shit called hydroponic. But we got so motherfucking high, nigga said, 'Hydrochronic.' And that's where we started calling it 'chronic.'"

So that's from whence the title of Dr. Dre's debut solo album, The Chronic, came. You learn something new every day.