Sesame Street Spoofs Star Wars with 'Star S'Mores' Parody

You might actually go insane if you tried to count all the adorable food puns in Sesame Street's latest parody, Star S'Mores.

Star S'Mores features a collection of brave intergalactic snack warriors included Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo (Cookie Monster!), Chewie the Cookie and Princess Parfaita. Her hair is two Oreo cookies. That is completely genius and now I kind of want Oreo cookie hair buns. Yes, it's adorable and it teaches kids a good lesson about learning self control, according to CNET:

To help Flan Solo control his urges, the crew seeks help from the wise and wrinkled mentor Only One Cannoli. Cannoli teaches Solo to use the Four, which literally involves Solo counting to four when his cravings are spinning out of control. When that doesn't work, the group seeks out the even wiser and more wrinkled Groda, who teaches Solo yet another form of self-control.


Grover as Yoda/Groda is kind of a stroke of genius, considering Frank Oz voiced both of them. The heroes work to find a way for Flan Solo to curb his cookie-devouring impulses, leading up to a confrontation with scary Darth Baker.

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