Seriously, What Is Jon Gosselin's Damage?

After allegedly wiping out the family bank account and forbidding TLC from filming his children last week, Jon Gosselin will be attending his twin daughters' birthday party tonight and has invited his own camera crew along to film it.

Despite the fact that Jon has been saying that he no longer wants his children to be filmed and he wants to "privately" settle his problems with ex-wife Kate, he has taken a very public platform to do so, by basically taking up a residency on the tabloid TV shows The Insider and Entertainment Tonight this past week. He's so "concerned" about the privacy of his children that he brought ET cameras with him to shop for birthday presents for Mady and Cara, which aired last night. According to Radar, Jon showed up at the birthday party today and wants his own camera crew to film the affair, which Kate is refusing to allow.

He even read a private email from Kate aloud, in which Kate suggests that the former couple's acrimony and legal problems would make celebrating their daughters' birthday together problematic for the children. She requested that they each spend a few hours alone with the girls today, but Jon isn't having it.

In this clip, Jon can barely enunciate words. He seems manic as he's explaining he's made mistakes, but in the same breath, claims that he's been "set up" by someone (whom he doesn't name) to appear like a schmuck in the court of public opinion.

While he keeps insisting that he only has the best interests of his children in mind, he admits to The Insider that he plans on "cornering" Kate at the birthday party to discuss their issues.

On tonight's episode of Entertainment Tonight, Jon takes the camera crew to pick out a birthday cake for his daughters, whom he claims have been exploited by being on television.

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This kind of entitlement-to-celebrity without suffering for a craft - whether it's entertainment, scientific, or political - is literally the exact thing about our culture that has dumbed us down to the point of no return.

Also, it is completely manifested in this one slow-witted, mean-spirited and very sad man.

Also, does anyone else have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that Kate turned out to be the sympathetic one?