I don't think teens are awful, I really don't. Sure, I hated them when I was one and I'm afraid of them now (they travel in such big groups), but I've read enough Rookie and encountered enough brilliant 13-19 year-olds to know that there are some really wonderful teen minds out there. Today, unfortunately, we're focusing on the not-so bright ones — the "Rich Private School Kids" of Snapchat.

RichPrivateSchoolSnapchats, a Facebook community recently reported on by Buzzfeed, is easy to mock and even easier to hate. Wealthy teens in the UK voluntarily send ostentatious Snapchats to the group's moderator who then — defeating the purpose of the app (for the olds: images are supposed to disappear after a matter of seconds) — uploads the images to the Facebook group. The members then celebrate the pictures in comments. That, or they get into fights and call each other "retards."


Most of the pictures submitted are simple displays of wealth and aren't fully worthy of condemnation. The fact is that rich people can afford more expensive shit than non-rich people, so while it certainly makes me a little jealous to see photos of thes literal castles that these teens call home, I can't really despise them for it.

Which isn't to say that they don't get fucking obnoxious.

They do. They get really obnoxious.

I don't know what the relationship of the woman in the right-side Snapchat is to the photo's taker, but here's hoping she's a family member because that's the only circumstance where it could be even moderately appropriate to refer to someone as "your Filipina."


Of course, Rich Private School Kids mocking the help isn't unheard of. They do it all the time.

It's gross.

Does the kid who remarked that he or she never thought they'd "see a zoo this close" while observing working and middle class people outside a grocery store realize that you can literally walk into a zoo and it's not something you observe from a far? Your classist, xenophobic insults need work, kid.

Believe it or not, it gets worse. One big trend in the RichPrivateSchoolKids community is to joke about killing "chavs," a pejorative term used in Great Britain to describe "uncultured" (and often poor) young people, and "peasants."

Seriously, if you ever want to garner support for the proletariat revolution, just start showing around pictures of these assholes.

In defense of teens everywhere, very few people become as spoiled and entitled as these young fuckbags without a guardian around to spoil and entitle them. Unfortunately, someone has done just that with these kids and that's why they suck so hard

These Snapchats — which, again, are willingly made public — do come with a silver lining, though. While these kids have every opportunity in the world, they're still fucking idiots:

Enjoy your schadenfreude, peasants.