Science Barbie? Engineer Barbie? Doctor Barbie? Old, boring, inaccurate. If you really want to get your kid's career on the right track right now, introduce them to serial killer barbie so they can learn how to cook a gourmet meal and chop off Ken's head while they're at it.

Photographer Mariel Clayton is the latest artist to turn the Barbie canon on its head. Before there was the internet there was a guy in San Francisco who sold "Ho" Barbie he made outside of a Toys 'R' Us on Geary. Then there were the gay Kens in the Castro and now....and now...there is a Barbie who can wield a knife like she's watched every episode of The Following and is also tired of Kevin Bacon's shit.

Also: Sometimes there's sex befoe the murders, so don't show your kids that (because sex is wrong). Focus only on the violence.


Images via Mariel Clayton's Facebook