Serena Williams won the U.S. Open last night and regained the top spot in women's tennis, a place she has not occupied since 2003. (Her opponent, Jelena Jankovic, demonstrated incredible graciousness after her loss by saying, "I lost my No. 1 ranking. It's not fair.") This is Serena's third Open win and her ninth Grand Slam title. [NY Times]

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A Small Turnip

While accepting the runner-up trophy, [Jancovic] said: "I lost my No. 1 ranking. It's not fair."

Then, as Williams was being presented with her $1.5 million check, Jankovic asked, "How much did I get?"

Ooof. Stay, Klassy, Yelena

That said, the presentation of big money cheques to tennis players at the US Open has always seemed beyond crass to me. We Don't Do That at Wimbledon. No no no. Vulgar. Now, Saskia, do be a dear and fetch me a glass of Veuve Clicquot.