September Ladymags: "Looking Thin"

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As previously mentioned, usually the September issues are the biggest of the year, but as numbers trickle in about 2009's editions (soon to hit newsstands) — those traditionally thick publications are "looking thin", according to reports.


As readers, we've gotten used to thick magazines. And more pages mean more ads, and more ads mean more revenue. But. Compared to a year ago, Elle is down 21%, MediaWeek claims. Marie Claire is down 20%. WWD is reporting that Harper's Bazaar will probably have between 275 and 285 pages — about 25% fewer ad pages than last year.


One magazine with good news to share? People StyleWatch, which is up 10%. Perhaps it seems more down-to-earth, more approachable than Vogue? Last we heard from Vogue, it would be around 400 pages. Sounds hefty, but, as AdAge notes, "Landing at 400 exactly would mean a 41% decline from last September. Getting to 450, one rumor going around, would mean a 33% drop." How bad will it be? We'll find out soon: Condé Nast, home to Vogue — as well as W, Glamour and Allure —will release its numbers tomorrow.

They say you can never be too rich or too thin, but it seems it's only half true, if you're a glossy mag.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

These magazines are failing because they're not featuring enough picture-heavy stories about how Jamie Dimon and Rahm Emanuel are friends.