September Glossies: Same Sh*t, Different Year

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The September issues are typically the biggest for the fashion and ladymags, and this year, expect some familiar, safe faces on the covers:

Charlize Theron will be on Vogue; Kate Moss is on W; Elle will have Jennifer Aniston; Jessica Simpson's on Glamour; Jennifer Lopez will be on In Style, Marie Claire will have Ashley Olsen and Amanda Seyfried landed Allure.


Aside from Jennifer Lopez, it seems that what's in for Fall 2009 is to be, well, white and blonde. (And while La Lopez used to be darker, she's definitely lightened up.) And aside from Amanda Seyfried, who's a relative newcomer, we've seen all of these women on magazine covers dozens of times before. Of course the editors feel the need to play it safe in this economy, with their biggest issue, so familiar faces on the newsstand make sense. But seeing the same old people — again — can also feel like a boring retread.

It would be great to see a brave glossy branch out with an unexpected face. The Oscar-bait film Precious hits theaters in the fall — will any mainstream mags dare to put its star on a cover? Maybe the answer isn't actresses: Vogue's August issue features multi-millionaire Google exec Marissa Mayer —inside, of course. But why couldn't the thin, "Oscar de la Renta–obsessed" Mayer make the cover? She's someone different (a Stanford-educated business woman), she'd spare us the tired celebrity profile, and yes, she's blonde.

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BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT MAGAZINE ON EARTH: COSMOPOLITAN? WHO WILL GRACE ITS COVER? And hello, how am I supposed to identify with people who are not white?

/is TOTALLY joking