Tangerine Tango is The Color Of The Year, which is cool and all, but what is up with the model in this Sephora ad? Aside from being almost bald, which is an obvious style choice, and which we can assume is the Hairdo Of The Year, there is something off about this lady. And we suspect Photoshop is to blame.

Click the image below to enlarge.

For starters, if her ears are around the same height on her head — and surely they are, since she is so damn symmetrical — shouldn't you be able to see the tip of her other ear? Assuming she has two ears? Also, what is happening in the area where her shoulder meets her neck? We did some experimental posing in the office, and when you raise your arm up so that your forearm rests on your head — as hers does — you do not have all this… space between your neck and your arm. Seriously, try it. What happens is your arm is very very close to your ear. Hers is not. Maybe her upper arm bone — the humerus — is four feet long, and her forearm is about three and a half feet long? Also, if she is raising her arm in order to rest her ulna on her skull, wouldn't we be looking at her armpit? That armpit has no pit in it. Because it's not an armpit, it's an unspecified chunk of body created to look like a chest/pit, but really just a bit of digital sorcery. Unless she's an alien, in which case, sorry, Xorblofp, you look great.