A couple from Sacramento, sort of acting out their very own version of Letters to Juliet, found a really old wedding ring in a used car they'd bought in El Paso and managed to return it to its really old owner, Darlene King.

According to CBS, after Shannon and Steve Callahan found the lost ring, they locked hands, gazed into each other's eyes, and said passionately and in unison, "Darling, dearest person to me in all the world — we must return this bauble to the finger of its rightful bearer." Anyway, it was something along those lines, but, intrepid and starry-eyed as the Callahans may be, even they couldn't comb the entire southwestern United States for the ring's owner — that would be preposterous and make for too long a movie. Producers wanted an 80-minute picture, 88 minutes tops — this wasn't going to be another fucking Elizabethtown road flick.


Thankfully, the story of the lost ring piqued the interest of a small Texas paper and then of Associated Press, which, like craigslist before it, helped spread the tale to a wide audience. It turns out that King only lived 50 miles away from the Callahans, which would have made for an ironic ending, something like, "you don't need to go far because the thing you're looking for is often right in front of you," or some such sentiment. King's husband Thomas is dead, which should make her treasure the lost-and-now-found ring even more dearly. Hooray for happy endings!

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