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Sensible Utah Governor Vetoes Proposed Ban on Sex Ed in Schools

Illustration for article titled Sensible Utah Governor Vetoes Proposed Ban on Sex Ed in Schools

Good news this morning from the Beehive State — Utah Governor Gary Herbert vetoed a bill yesterday that would have banned schools from teaching contraception as a way of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and instead relegated it to the realm of dirty liberal tricks where so many social conservatives seem to want it to stay. Herbert was widely expected to sign the bill after it cleared the Republican-controlled state House and Senate, but he explained adorably that as a grandparent and parent he considers proper sex education in school the perfect complement to the moral education children receive at home. And that he doesn't want to be a great-grandparent yet because that would make him feel way old. Said Herbert of his decision,

In order for parents to take on more responsibility, they need more information, more involvement, and more choice-not less. I cannot sign a bill that deprives parents of their choice.


No word yet on conservative lawmakers' next move, but one can definitely imagine their collective reaction when faced with the veto: "Blast, foiled again!'

Utah governor vetoes bill to curb sex education in school [Reuters]

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Kat Callahan