Senior citizens in Western Pennsylvania dialing the number for Medicare listed in Verizon's 2007 White Pages are accidentally getting health benefits of a very different kind. It turns out that the toll-free number listed is actually for a Philadelphia-based phone sex line. The 2008 White Pages with the correct number for Medicare will be distributed this month. [AVN]

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Awesome. Just awesome.

Geriartic sex stories from LaComtesse:

#1) I walk in to my great grandparents apartment. They are asleep on the couch. The Playboy chanel is glowing softly in the background.

Me: Oh Christ! What are you watching?

Grandma Grace: *wakes up first* Oooh! Carmen! What are you watching this filthy stuff for?!

Papa Carmen: Grace! You're holding the remote!

Grandma Grace: *tries to think up a lie, gets flustered, hits him with the remote* Well YOU were watching it TOO!

Story 2

A monologue by my 101 year old (almost) Great-Great Aunt—

When you're young, you get in fights. My husband and I would fight. I would be mad when we were done fighting, but my Basil... he would want to fool around! The MAN gets angry but the PRICK never gets angry.