In honor of ~*~*~Prom~*~*~, obviously the most important milestone in every young woman's life, we want you to
send us your best prom photos and anecdotes; the more embarrassing/scandalous, the better. We'll post our favorites (internet fame = way better than a tiara, right?) in a few weeks. Click through to see some of ours for inspiration.

Here's me at my senior prom with about 1/10 of my entire graduating class. I bought my dress on clearance at the Mall of America and did my own hair. My prom date had been crowned King of the Prom the year before, and we hit a deer on the way to eat fajitas before the dance and did not make out. - Erin)On far right)

This picture is from my junior prom. I went with my friend Charlie, since I'd just broken up with my longtime boyfriend a few weeks before prom. I don't really remember much about the dance. I think there was a lot of drama because my ex-bf and I had been nominated to prom court together before we'd broken up so we had to interact—awkward! But I do remember that Charlie and I were very proud of our lovely coordinating outfits. I think my dress cost something like $12, but it was his white tux that really stole the show. - Cassie


Okay, well, we don't call it "prom" in New Zealand, but this is my two best friends and me at our school Leavers' Ball in 2003. We're at the Christchurch Convention Center, which has since been destroyed in the Christchurch earthquake. Traditionally, the leaver (graduate) poses for this photo with her parents, but my folks had already moved to the States, so my two oldest friends stood in their place. The friend on my left made her green dress — we were obsessively into fashion and sewed virtually all our own clothes in high school — and I (center) made my black-and-white outfit. I remember standing on a lawn outside the boarding house at my high school for a pre-ball reception, trying to keep my heels from sinking into the turf and drinking a glass of champagne, and longing for my date — a platonic friend — to feel the same way about me that I then did about him. (We laugh about that now whenever he's in New York.) This is the only picture that I have from the ball because I tipsily stole the reference photo from off the event photographer's big pinboard, the reference photo that would have allowed me (or anyone else depicted) to order enlargements. I guess it's poignant because that was the last summer I lived in New Zealand. That January, I moved to the U.S. to start college, and my life took a very different track. I still consider these girls my best friends. - Jenna


This is one of no less than 75 different photos my parents insisted on taking. I designed the dress myself and had it made (remarkably inexpensive!), which is interesting given how totally generic it is. I went with my friend Josh; we're still pretty close to this day. - Jessica

We thought we were soooooooooooo wacky. I'm the girl on the right. The girl on the left is still my best friend. You can't see it but she's wearing Pumas that match her dress instead of dress shoes, because, WACKY. The dude in the middle is a mycologist now (mushroom scientist) and still one of my best friends. The guy on the floor is a fancy architect. I still see him once in a while too. They are not our dates. The three of us standing up had all recently won "funniest" in the senior poll (I was 3rd runner-up—which means I got like 6 votes—but the actual "funniest girl" also won "most school spirit" so I got in on a technicality), so I think we felt like we had to do something funny for the picture. I remember the weird photographer yelling "YOU! GET ON THE FLOOR!" to the guy on the floor, which we found so miraculously hilarious that it became an inside joke that we yelled at each other for like 5 years afterwards. I really loved high school. - Lindy


This is the only appropriate photo that I have from my senior prom. I'm pretty happy here, probably thinking about how much things had changed since junior prom, during which my strapless dress kept falling down and my date, who was kind of a dick, told all of his friends that I had "straddled" him in the backseat of his MINI Cooper because "I wanted him so badly." (Lies! Kind of.) This year, I had a very sweet boyfriend and a super comfortable flowy dress that I scored half-price from a sale rack at my favorite boutique. I was moving up in the world! Too bad I had no alcohol tolerance and thus spent most of the after prom party sitting outside on the sidewalk and crying for reasons that now totally escape me. We ended the night with Kraft macaroni and cheese at my best friend's house, so the night wasn't a total bust. And I still have that dress, although it is slightly stained with dirt and TEARS. - Katie

Main image byLaura Stone/Shutterstock.