Easter is when Jesus rose from the dead three days after dying on the cross to save us from our original sins. Original sins are the ones we didn't even commit, that we just had because we were born human, which used to mean "in God's image" but then became flawed because of Eve and that darn apple, and isn't it weird, in the season known for the Bunny bearing gifts of speckled Whopper eggs and Cadbury creme thingys, to think of an apple being a sinful thing to consume? I'm sure they were tastier back before the dawn of modern agribusiness, but still. Anyway Easter is interesting because you never know when it's going to happen, unless your parents happen to be the sort of Catholics who give up drinking for Lent in which case you know exactly when it's going to happen, but anyway it happens the Sunday before the Paschal Full Moon, which — duh — this year is March 23. That means this weekend is Palm Sunday, so you have only ONE WEEK to dredge out your cutest and/or most embarrassing Easter pictures and pay the mailroom guy to scan them and send them to us in the name of Past Fashion, the Jezebel feature that celebrates how we looked before we committed so many sins.

Bonus points if you are wearing a dress that, like reader Katie's, boasts smocking.

Hats, too, are good; as are ribbons in hair — particularly ribbons intricately woven into French braids — and ruffled socks. And any white/pastel colored outfits soiled by Easter egg dye, melted chocolate, blood, etc.

As a bonus and to provide a sense of narrative to the ensuing gallery, we'd also be interested in collecting from Easter picture submitters any and all Drunk Spring Break In Cancun and/or Drunk March Madness Tailgate and/or Drunk St. Patrick's Day bar crawl pictures that might convey a sense of life's inevitable journey toward the realization of Original Sin, or more precisely, highly unoriginal sin.


(Sorry it didn't work, Jesus.)

But really, the cute pastel dress easter egg hunt candy binge photos are the most key. Send them to photos@jezebel.com and earn the undying love of Jezebel and our god (Baal) and also probably Jesus too and also probably Barack Obama.

Full gallery to come Good Friday! (Don't forget to fast!)

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