Sen. Scott Brown Makes Ridiculous Condom Joke About Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum must be having a major sad tonight. His biggest problem is that he just lost the Puerto Rico primary to Mitt Romney, but what's maybe even worse for Santorum's sizeable yet delicate ego is that his fellow Republicans have now started throwing playground-style jokes his way, as evidenced by this major burn on Santorum's use of protection by Senator Scott Brown. Nice one, bro.


As for Puerto Rico, Santorum didn't exactly go down in a blaze of glory. More like a blaze of awkward stumbles. He has several times referred to Puerto Rico in the past week as its own country, and he did it yet again today on ABC's This Week, when he called the commonwealth a "Spanish-speaking country." Oof. As those of you with any basic geography knowledge (or the ability to google something) will remember, Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States. That's why Santorum was there, you know, campaigning in the first place. Since he actually put in some effort there, this will come as somewhat of a blow to his momentum. Though he'll no doubt be all smiles again tomorrow as he continues undaunted in his delusional quest to be our Condescender-in-Chief.

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I liked Scott Brown better when he was Jon Hamm.