Semenya "Shattered" By Ordeal • Warning Issued For Breast Pumps

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• According to reports, Caster Semenya has been "completely shattered" by the results of her gender testing. An athletics official from South Africa said Semenya reads every paper thoroughly, and has "no escape" from the constant publicity. •


• Researchers have found that having a TV turned on can injure the parent-child bond even when it is just "background noise." They discovered that parents spoke to their children 20% less when the television was on and became less attentive and responsive. • Taking matters into her own, um, hands, a Cincinnati woman allegedly spanked a stranger's two-year-old son in a Salvation Army store; she faces assault charges. • A memorial service for murdered antiabortion activist James Pouillon was held at the Owosso High School football stadium, and some attendees said they would hold a service outside a local Planned Parenthood as well. • Star Trek actor George Takei and his husband Brad Altman will be the first gay couple featured on The Newlywed Game. • After years of deliberation, the UN will create an agency devoted to women's and gender issues. The agency will be much more powerful than existing UN groups that deal with women's rights. • A Spanish employment tribunal ruled that calling your boss a "son of a whore" is not sufficient grounds for termination — because the term is "common usage in conversation." • A teen's lawyers claim he only "simulated" his role in a gang rape in which the victim was forced to perform oral sex on her own son. • A Georgia man is accused of kicking a female Army reservist in the head and screaming racial slurs in front of her seven-year-old daughter, after the woman asked him to be careful with the door at a local Cracker Barrel. • Wondercat Clyde made a real-life incredible journey from his home in Tasmania, across a 185-mile strait and 2,000 miles of land to the Australian town of Cloncurry. He was identified by a microchip under his skin, and is now back home with his family. • A 98-year-old woman has been evicted from her apartment in England for assaulting terrorists, harassing neighbors, and using her panic alarm 563 times in a month. • A group of girls from the United States and Mali has written a guide called Girls Gone Activist! about "how to change the world through education." • Anti-abortion activists are stepping up their protests against the Susan G. Komen's Race For the Cure, because the foundation doesn't warn women about the (nonexistent) link between abortion and breast cancer. • Another Komen critic: the blog AdRants, which says the foundation's new ads depicting "women cupping their breasts as they pledge allegiance to their girls, hooters, tatas and gazongas" are merely "the American Pledge of Allegiance [...] re-written as a boob joke." • The VOICE Study (Vagina and Oral Interventions to Control the Epidemic) hopes to determine whether taking anti-retroviral drugs, either as a vaginal gel or as a pill, can prevent HIV in women as well at treating it. If successful, the study could provide women with HIV-prevention measures that — unlike male condoms — they could fully control. • Chemicals called PBBs and PCBs may decrease the number of female births, according to a recent study. The chemicals are now banned, but may still exist in animal fats. • According to Debenhams department store, British men are becoming increasingly interested in grooming their brows, which inspired the store to hold men-only "guybrow" nights. Apparently, the perfect "guybrow" is somewhere between Noel Gallagher and Sylvester Stallone. • Working as a delivery nurse, Astrid Skreosen became familiar with all the mess that comes with giving birth. However, she realized that the little pads placed beneath the mother were simply not enough to absorb all the blood and fluid that comes with labor, so she created a super-absorbent sheet for use in the delivery room. • Four men have been arrested for the rape of a Hofstra College student. Five men reportedly lured her back to a dorm after stealing her cellphone, and proceeded to sexually assualt her "one by one." Police are still searching for the fifth attacker. • Doctors have found a link between diet and acne in girls: Teens who ate significantly fewer raw veggies and fruits were more likely to have acne than those who consumed fresh vegetables regularly. They also found that acne is directly related to mental health. • A government fact sheet from the Equalities Office in the UK has been criticized for leaving out Margaret Thatcher. A spokesman for the Equalities Office said: "We have acknowledged the oversight and have taken steps to amend it." • The FDA has issued a warning for Evenflo breast pumps. They say that the Ohio-based company failed to investigate claims that their breast pumps gave mothers electrical shocks. • A letter written by Mary Queen of Scots on the morning of her execution will be on view until September 21st at the National Library of Scotland. "Tonight, after dinner, I have been advised of my sentence: I am to be executed like a criminal at eight in the morning," she wrote, over four hundred years ago. •

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Anti-abortion activists are stepping up their protests against the Susan G. Komen's Race For the Cure, because the foundation doesn't warn women about the (nonexistent) link between abortion and breast cancer

Protesting. Race. For. The. Cure. W. T. F.?!