Selma Blair Breastfeeds Her Son in Public, Doesn’t Give a Shit What Anyone Thinks

Some people think boobs are disgusting, unnatural and entirely unsuitable for public display, and this goes double time when some kid is going to town on them for milky sustenance. To these folk Selma Blair, aka Ursula Udders, delivers savage eye roll and says she doesn't care what they think when she lets her nipples out for a breather to feed her eight-month-old son, Arthur. "The only time he cries is if he's hungry," she said. "We all have nipples. I don't care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can't get a cover over me quick enough, so be it." He only cries when he's hungry? Baby of the year! Apparently, public nudity isn't the only rush the wee one enjoys, with Selma explaining that he's a little Jackass in the making. "He's an adrenaline junkie," she added. "He likes to be thrown up in the air." [People]

Almost coming off as dignified while simultaneously sticking the knife into her soon-to-be ex-husband Peter Facinelli, Jennie Garth says she'll never give up on him despite the fact their marriage bust-up is pretty much all his fault. "That's the fighter in me. I don't think I'll ever give up on him," she said. "We both saw it unravel and it was painful. I tried everything I could to save our marriage. I didn't want it to happen. He did what he needed to do … Of course I wish he had wanted to try harder, try again, try something else." [NYDN]


Word has it that Anne Hathaway was ordered to lose 16 pounds in under 20 days and has since been put on a 500 calorie-a-day diet by bosses on the set of Les Miserables. "Producers have assigned her a personal trainer and she is literally eating nothing more than a couple of apples a day, and some protein – mainly in the form of a shake," said a source type. "Anne knows the risk of such an extreme diet and will undergo weekly medicals to make sure everything is still functioning as it should do." [Mirror]


Older Twilight fans may soon be free to feed their spooky hunger for Kristen Stweart and Robert Pattinson sex scenes even more now that the former said she and Rob might be up for playing the lead roles in the movie adaptation of "mommy porn" hit Fifty Shades Of Grey. "It's funny – I heard about it yesterday. Rob and Wyck [Godfrey], our producer, were talking about it," she said. "I've heard it's quite sexy, very titillating." [E!]


Many of you have asked exactly how Adele manages to get her hair so high and awesome. Well, now I can happily tell you – via this old interview that is getting some airplay now, weirdly – that it's because she doesn't bother using shampoo all that much. "I only wash it with water," she said. "Last night I washed my hair with shampoo for the first time in two months!" So, there you have it. Now you too can have great, slightly smelly hair. [US]

  • It's just so obvious and cheap to make a fucking joke about fracking, but when you throw Mark Ruffalo into the mix – the sessy actor appearing on The Colbert Report to discuss his organization Water Defense – it's the first thing that comes to mind. [Colbert Nation]
  • To celebrate her newfound freedom Lindsay Lohan returned to the scene of her many crimes by lunching at the Chateau Marmont, with a cameo by ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson thrown in for good measure. [Page Six]
  • I'll be dead within five minutes of this post going live, but Justin Bieber's fans are a little too intense for me after they waged a hate campaign against Lady Gaga because she has more Twitter followers. Which makes me wonder, who would win in fight to the death between the two groups of obsessives? [Page Six]
  • Speaking of obsessive, Ashton Kutcher has accused Justin of coming on a little Single White Female-ish by trying to buy his house out from under him and taking over Punk'd hosting duties. [Page Six]
  • Katy Perry has all but confirmed that she is not dating Baptiste Giabiconi and only has a friendly, casual relationship with his penis. [NYDN]
  • Katy is copping a lot of shit for her "Part Of Me" video. First Naomi Wolf accused her of glorifying war and now there is this video that splices actual war scenes into the clip. It's pretty good. [YouTube]
  • From this picture alone it doesn't seem like Katherine Heigl is that into husband Josh Kelley macking on her in public. [E!]
  • The world needs to stop what it's doing and look at Hilary Duff now that she's stepped out in public for the first time since pushing/cutting a baby out of her person. [E!]
  • Off the back of news that Alicia Silverstone feeds her son in much the same way that a bird would, Joan Rivers attempts to feed Kelly Osbourne a burger in a similar fashion. [E!]
  • Today in depressing, Nadya Suelman only got $8,000 to pose for photos with her clothes off. [People]
  • Despite an overwhelming body of work that proves otherwise, Dakota Fanning says that she's never really felt like a child star. [US]
  • Multi-tasker Clay Aiken asked surgeons to suck a little fat out of his chin while they were fixing his TMJ. Well played. [US]
  • Deciding to mix work with pleasure, Ginnifer Goodwin is said to be dating her Once Upon A Time co-star Josh Dallas. [US]
  • Should those close to her protect Bobbi Kristina from the fame juggernaut that eventually played a part in killing her mother? Or perhaps they should encourage her to take a part in Tyler Perry's sitcom, For Better Or Worse. They went with plan B. [Radar]
  • Victoria Beckham kind of claimed that her size 0 body type is typical of the general public. Except not really. [Radar]
  • It was nice of Rihanna's dad to order her to sit out and look for UFOs every night when she was young rather than do it himself. Though, admittedly, it's a pretty good idea for free, DIY childcare. [The Sun]
  • Spike Lee has said sorry, financially, for Tweeting the address of an elderly Florida couple and saying it was George Zimmerman's. [EW, USA Today]

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