Mad Men is that rare show that can critique misogyny while still entertaining a relatively broad audience. All that got a little lost in translation in its Germany, where the ads are all about staring at women's asses.

Via The New York Times' Nicholas Kulish, this translation:

"Behind every successful woman there's a man, who is looking at her ass."

To anyone familiar with the show, it's a weird angle. It makes it seem like the show is about Rachel Menken, who is pictured in the foreground, whereas Don is inarguably the center of the ensemble. (And sadly, she doesn't last long on the show, though we wouldn't mind if that changed!) And while it's true that professional women on the show are constantly being undermined by their sexualization and underestimation by male colleagues, this ad doesn't seem to bemoan that so much as perpetuate it in a sort of fratty, wink-wink fashion.

Still, it's no mortal sin. And if gets people watching, it will probably get them thinking. In addition to staring at Christina Hendricks' ass.

Hinter Jeder Erfolgreichen Frau Steht Ein Mann, Der Ihr Auf Den Arsch Glotzt [Zweinullig]