Welcome back to the verdant field where Vanity Smurfs run free… Celebrity Instagrams, presented without comment. Enjoy.

. @lenadunham and I are starting season 4 off with double doobies. #props

Britta's always with me (cause I steal her clothes) @carven_paris

What ppl do at 730am in Australia

It was take the Babes to Work Day again. Beauty photo by @emilybett :)


Maxi and Daddy at the beach. Yikes and Yay. Good Lord! She has NO fear!

Hair did. Thanks Paul.

You'll never guess what I'm doing today. I mean... I would never have guessed.

So when they told me this is the "Live Dancing Squash" I had no clue this thing was actually live!!!!!

Come rain or Springtime!! @lancomeusa Marine Chic.


My new single is playing in the background- y'all hear it? Go request "Walk It Out" on the radio! #eos

'West coast' is great - congratulations @lanadelrey can't wait to hear it on vinyl

HOLY MOLY. Gonna live tweet a brand new episode of#newgirl tomorrow with the cast. #holdontoyour

Just me and my boyfriend. #writersretreat

Just picked 'me. gonna cook 'em for Easter dinner.#turnip greens #harvestday

You can't sit here!!!!! But @LindsayLohan can! Will she#PleadThe5th ?? #WWHL

#theview airing Friday! I was a co-host and had so much fun w/ the girls! #topshop 💕 @jennymccarthy @sherrieshepherd

Coachella w/ @jimcol #dancingontheroof

teach me how to noie #turnup @noahcyrus

#preshowturnup with @noahcyrus #smackthat

over the hospital 😿😿😿 I miss #bangerztour 💔#5amhospyselfie so sleeeeepy 😿 #medztime#wishicouldcuddlefloyd#whojinxedme

Magic hour! One of the best days of my life.#themindyproject

En route to sunset


I love my @ivydiamondcole earring tonight! #bling#theotherhalfofmyfacerefusedtobephotographed

With living legend @theritamoreno backstage last Sat at the #glaadawards. This was major for me. I live for this woman.

REGRAM from @stellamccartney Girls Night Out

#girlsnight #latergram @nicolerichie @chelseahandler @stellamccartney @gwenstefani #naomiwatts #samtaylorwood

This 46 degree "spring" day calls for my @peterjensenltdbedspread-esque parka, which is practically vintage (a gift from 2010!)

Me and @jaimewinstone finally eternalized our love/friendship with our cross tattoos that symbolize the balance of our friendship!

Am I a sad ass that I wear knickers/thongs that match my hair with my name on them?

last night in vegas

Cameron. Lovvvveee

White Hair Don't Care

Finished my day looking like #Toad from #MarioBros#1Up

Wait for it... #googleHQ

The tech team at @facebookHQ thinks I need a new phone. Still on the 4 :/


Historians say Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to maintain her youthful skin. Supposedly these 24k gold under-eye masks will do the trick. My first time experimenting with this extravagant luxury!

When in Rome....ultimate tourist for a day. Trevi fountain, the Coliseum and of course, gelato.

From the red carpet in Rome. #AmazingSpiderman2

Querido Gabo, alguna vez dijiste que la vida no es la que uno vivió, sino la que uno recuerda y como la recuerda para contarla.. tu vida querido Gabo la recordaremos como un regalo único e irrepetible, y como el más original de los relatos. Es difícil despedirse de ti, puesto que nos has dado tanto! Te quedarás para siempre conmigo y con todos los que te quisimos y admiramos. Shak

Thanks @unitedairlines...it's like my own private lounge! #grateful

Morning Vogue session to @emelisande.

Hawaiian shirt. Thai boxing shorts. Space tights. #weirdbutcomfy

Jesus and I.