'Selfie,' 'Frenemy' and 'Vlog' Added to Scrabble Dictionary

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Good news, people who eschew video games for old board games that smell like your grandmother's attic! There's tons of new words you can play in Scrabble now without being called out for "just making shit up."


Do not even get snippy with me about the joke in the first sentence. I play Scrabble all the time. We shut down the Xbox at least once a week to bust out the board games and have some non-electronic entertainment (and it definitely smells like my Aunt Cathy's moldy, terrifying basement where I stole it from). For the first time in a decade, Scrabble has updated their Official SCRABBLE Player's Dictionary. Scrabble has finally decided to acknowledge all the words your friends drunkenly try to play during those after-party sessions when you dig out your board games to play while waiting for the Dominos pizza delivery/weed dealer to arrive. There's lots of new words you don't have to worry about being challenged on, if you weren't too cool to give a shit about being challenged on "CHEEZEALACIOUS" before you pass out in a pile of Scrabble tile and Cheetos. Via Time, here is a list of the newly approved Scrabble words:

BEATBOX (v. -ED, -ING, -ES) to sing to the rhythm of rap music

BROMANCE (n. pl. -S) a close nonsexual relationship between men

BUZZKILL (n. pl. -S) one that has a depressing or negative effect

CHILLAX (v. -ED, -ING) -ES to calm down

COQUI (n. pl. -S) a small arboreal frog

DA (n. pl. -S) dad

DUBSTEP (n. pl. -S) a type of electronic dance music

FRENEMY (n. pl. -MIES) one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy

FUNPLEX (n. pl. -ES) a building with facilities for sports and games

GEOCACHE (n. pl. –CACHED, -CACHING, -CACHES) to search for hidden items by using a Global Positioning System device as part of a game

GI (n. pl. -S) a white garment worn in martial arts

HASHTAG (n. pl. -S) a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that categorizes the accompanying text

JOCKDOM (n. pl. -S) the world of athletes

JOYPAD (n. pl. -S) a device with buttons to control computer images

MIXTAPE (n. pl. -S) a compilation of songs recorded from various sources

MOJITO (n. pl. -TOS) a cocktail made of rum, sugar, mint, and lime juice

PO (n. pl. POS) a chamber pot

PONZU (n. pl. -S) a tangy sauce used chiefly on seafood

QAJAQ (n. pl. -S) kayak

QIGONG (n. pl. -S) a Chinese system of physical exercises

SCHMUTZ (n. pl. -ES) dirt, grime

SELFIE (n. pl. -S) an image of oneself taken by oneself using a phone camera

SOJU (n. pl. -S) Korean vodka distilled from rice or sweet potato

SUDOKU (n. pl. -S) a puzzle involving the numbers 1 through 9

TE (n. pl. -S) ti

TEXTER (n. pl. -S) one that texts

VLOG (v. VLOGGED, VLOGGING, VLOGS) to blog video material

VODCAST (v. -CAST or -CASTED, -CASTING, -CASTS) to make video files available for download over the Internet

WEBZINE (n. pl. -S) a magazine published on the Internet

YUZU (n. pl. -S) a sour Japanese citrus fruit

That's great; the game is becoming more lax on words we use in everyday conversation. Meanwhile, at my home on Scrabble night, many months before this list came out:

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"Poop, Porn, Farts" for the win. (Sorry the pic is sort of cut off. But that definitely did say "farts." It was worth a few good points.)

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