Seinfeld Cast Reunites On Curb Your Enthusiasm

On last night's episode, Larry decided to go ahead and organize a Seinfeld reunion show, at the request of NBC, as a ploy to win back his ex-wife Cheryl, who is now an actress.

Larry thought that if he could cast Cheryl as George's ex-wife, she'd be thankful for the role, and would want to take him back. Each one of the principal cast members were on the episode, but the best part of the show was Larry's interaction with Jason Alexander, who played George, the character based on Larry.

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I can't watch this show. Most people who feel this way usually hate Larry David. I think Larry is great, but everyone's reactions to him blow my mind. (Am I a sociopath?) La Comtesse de Terrified of Confrontation (shocking, I know) gets physically uncomfortable watching it.