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See Why a Drag Queen Makes a Fabulous Father

If you watched season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race, you will remember the winner, Tyra Sanchez, born James William Ross IV. And you may know that Tyra Sanchez has a now-seven-year-old son, Jeremiah. Drag Dad is a documentary about James and Jeremiah and Tyra; Tyra/James says: "I'm hoping it changes the ability for gay parents to adopt. I think gay parents are just like any other parents. We all love children; we all want children."


Drag Dad director Björn Flóki, a gay filmmaker who recently moved to Brooklyn from Iceland, explains further:

"We want to give audiences an in-depth look into the domestic life of one LGBT family, offering a rather ‘extreme' representation of a gay parent, to show that gay parents are not so different from ‘regular parents' when it comes to raising a child. Love and dedication to your child defies all labels. We have seen James and Jeremiah together, and the sweet nature of their relationship. We want to bring that relationship to the screen, and show that there is no one correct recipe for a good father."


The film is in need of funding, check out Kickstarter for more information.

Drag Dad [Official Site]

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