Now that Barbie is working about 16 jobs at once (everything from princess to zoo doctor!), her life has gotten a little out of control. As a modern woman, it's hard for her to keep things neat and tidy on the home front—and who can blame her? That Malibu Dreamhouse is not gonna clean itself. As a result, it looks like Barbie has developed a little bit of a hoarding problem—at least if you believe artist Carrie M. Becker's vision of how Barbie is living at the moment.


Becker took these amusing photos as part of a recent art project, which she calles "Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse." She meticulously assembled and photographed 1/6 scale miniatures that represent "a more 'current' view of Barbie's lifestyle." There's everything from an overcrowded dining room to a teen's bedroom (Skipper, clean your room!) to this lovely laundry room overflowing with junk.

Some of them look so realistic that it's hard to tell they're miniatures—you might even mistake them for pictures of your own home if you, ahem, maybe haven't cleaned your desk off in a while... You can see the full set of Becker's amazing photos here.

[Via Atlantic Wire]

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