There are so many endearing details in this video it was hard to focus on one thing.

Beyoncé has become larger than life in the years since MTV Cribs managed to finagle entrée into the palace she shared with her parents and Kelly Rowland. There are probably plenty of people who don’t want a glimpse behind the perfectly constructed vision she’s become anymore, but I personally found it refreshing to remember, thanks to Decider’s archival digging, that Beyoncé was also a big dork at one time. Still had that smile, though:

Here are some of my favorite moments:

-Beyoncé’s favorite “piece” in her room is a bureau shaped like a genie bottle.

-The wall of trompe l’oeil walls.

-Kelly keeps mementos of a past love in a Candies shoe box.

-How damn cute Solange is, I mean:


-Their genuine excitement about meeting and working with other artists of the era, like Britney Spears and Lenny Kravitz and NSYNC.

-That they had Popeyes delivery.

It often seems like celebrities are more open about who they are via social media now than they could be in the early 2000s, though it’s largely a well-crafted illusion for most. In a way, the girls of Destiny’s Child are performing a happiness and harmony that feels disingenuous in hindsight, from the outside.


But there’s something that’s also so real about their comfort in goofing with each other, breaking into song or choreography with almost sarcastic regularity, and gushing over the details of a mansion that probably looks like trash next to Beyoncé’s current digs. They feel less watched, if that makes sense. Let’s LOOK:

Screenshot via Vimeo.

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